TERMS & conditions

  1. Offer open to UK and Channel Island residents aged 16 and over only, excluding employees of the Promoter and Cineworld, Showcase, Empire, Picturehouse, Moviehouse, Scott, Reel, WTW, Merlin, Savoy or G1 cinema groups, and their immediate families and agents, and anyone else professionally connected with the offer.
  2. The offer is running on the following promotional packs: Maltesers® 93g standard pouch and 166g More to share pouch, Galaxy Minstrels® 118g standard pouch and 210g More to share pouch, Galaxy Counters® 112g standard pouch, M&M'S® Peanut 140g standard pouch and 250g More to share pouch, M&M'S® Choco 133g standard pouch and 238g large More to share pouch, M&M'S® Crispy 121g standard pouch and 213g More to Share pouch, M&M'S® Mix 128g standard pouch, Milky Way® Magic Stars® 91g standard pouch, Revels® 101g standard pouch and 173g More to share pouch, Galaxy® Milk 110g standard block and 200g More to share block, Galaxy® Caramel 135g standard block, Mars® Bites 119g standard pouch, Snickers® Bites 119g standard pouch, Twix® Bites 119g standard pouch and Maltesers® Teasers® 150g More to share block ("Promotional Packs").
  3. To claim a cinema ticket voucher which can be exchanged for a free cinema ticket to a standard 2D film screening at a participating cinema on a Sunday:
    1. Purchase the required number of Promotional Packs as set out below and visit www.sweetsundays.co.uk (the “Website“) to enter the promotional codes found on or inside those Promotional Packs. You will need to open an account on the Website by registering your name and email address. Promotional codes must be registered between 00:01 on 13th August 2018 and 23:59 on 31st October 2018:
    2. Promotional Codes found on or inside:
      1. More to share promotional pouches (173g-250g) or More to share large promotional blocks (150g – 200g) are worth 5 stars each; and
      2. standard promotional pouches (91g-140g) or standard promotional blocks (110g – 135g) are worth 2 stars each.
    3. A free cinema ticket voucher can be claimed once codes worth 10 stars have been registered in your account. Any stars that you have in your account in excess of the 10 stars redeemed when claiming your first cinema ticket voucher will be retained in your account and can be counted towards the 10 stars needed for a second free cinema ticket voucher. You may enter further Promotional Pack codes in order to register a further 10 stars (including any retained stars) to claim a second cinema ticket voucher. A maximum of two cinema ticket vouchers can be claimed per person. Claimed cinema ticket vouchers will need to be used by no later than 18th November 2018. Once a claim has been made, the cinema ticket voucher must be used at the chosen cinema chain only and cannot be exchanged or refunded for an alternative cinema chain.
  4. No third party, consumer group or bulk claims will be accepted. Claims received by any other means (eg in the post) will be rejected. Codes from Promotional Packs can only be registered once. Only one promotional account per person. Any claimant registering more than one account will be disqualified from participating.
  5. Subject to the exclusions listed in Condition 10 below, cinema ticket vouchers can be redeemed in the following participating cinemas: Cineworld, Showcase, Empire, Picturehouse, Moviehouse, Scott, Reel, WTW, Merlin, Savoy, G1.
  6. If you choose a Cineworld, Showcase, Empire, Picturehouse, Merlin, Moviehouse, Reel, Scott, WTW or G1 cinema, your cinema ticket voucher will be issued in the form of an e-ticket code, sent to the email address provided when registering for your promotional account. You can redeem your e-ticket code by presenting it at the cinema box office. Alternatively, you can redeem the e-ticket code online when you book a ticket via the selected cinema’s website. No booking fee will be charged by any of these cinemas when using the e-ticket code online, however any additional tickets purchased in the same transaction will be charged at the standard rate. The e-ticket code cannot be redeemed by any other means (e.g. telephone booking).
  7. If you choose a Savoy cinema, your cinema ticket voucher will be sent to you in the form of a paper voucher. You will need to provide your postal address when you select the Savoy cinema on the Website. Your paper voucher will be sent via post to the address you provided. Your paper voucher will be received within [14] days of confirmation of your claim. To use your paper voucher, simply hand it in at the selected cinema’s box office. A paper voucher cannot be redeemed at any Savoy cinemas by any other means (e.g. online or telephone booking).
  8. The cinema ticket vouchers (whether in the form of an e-ticket code or a paper voucher) are valid for standard 2D screenings on a Sunday, however a claimant can use them for any premium content including 3D, 4DX, Superscreen, IMAX, DBOX and Star Seating at Cineworld or Showcase cinemas, subject to paying the relevant uplift charges as notified at the time of use. The cinema ticket vouchers cannot be used at participating cinemas for Alternative Content, Special Advance Screenings, Unlimited Screenings, Premieres, Previews, Delux Screens, VIP Boxes or seating. Cinema ticket vouchers must be used by no later than 18th November 2018 (inclusive).
  9. Cinema ticket vouchers (e-ticket codes and paper vouchers) cannot be used at any of the following cinemas: Cineworld Leicester Square, Cineworld The Screening Rooms Cheltenham, Cineworld IMAX Glasgow Science Centre and WTW The Regal Cinema Wadebridge.
  10. The claimant's use of a cinema ticket voucher (whether in the form of an e-ticket code or a paper voucher) is subject to the participating cinema’s standard terms and conditions, including refusing entry where the claimant (or their guest) is not of the required age to view their chosen film. The cinema manager's decision is final in this regard. The Promoter shall have no responsibility where the claimant is refused entry to a screening. The claimant shall not be entitled to claim a replacement cinema ticket voucher in the event that they are refused entry to a film for any reason whatsoever, having redeemed their voucher for a free cinema ticket.
  11. The offer is as stated and the cinema ticket vouchers cannot be sold or exchanged for any other service, are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for any cash alternatives in whole or in part.
  12. The Promoter reserves the right to suspend or terminate a claimant's account where the Promoter reasonably believes that account is being or has been used to engage in fraudulent or illegal activity or in a way that is contrary to these terms and conditions, without any liability to the claimant. The Promoter reserves the right to reject any cinema ticket voucher claim that does not comply with these terms and conditions.
  13. The Promoter accepts no responsibility or liability for (i) any promotional code, which, due to a technical error or any other reason, is not registered, or for any stars which are not stored correctly in an account or are lost for any other reason. Proof of registering a promotional code or claiming a cinema ticket voucher is not proof of receipt by the Promoter; (ii) any stars which have not been redeemed by a participant for a cinema ticket voucher by [31st October] 2018; (iii) any paper voucher that is delayed or damaged in the post; (iv) the entrant not receiving their paper voucher as a result of having provided an incomplete or incorrect address when selecting the paper voucher; (v) an e-ticket code not being received due to a technological error encountered on the Website or as a result of the claimant having provided an incorrect email address when registering for their promotional account; or (vi) an e-ticket code which is accidentally deleted by the recipient prior to its redemption at a participating cinema.
  14. The Promoter reserves the right to suspend the promotion or revise these terms and conditions in the event of a technical fault which prevents entry in accordance with these terms and conditions or other exceptional circumstances beyond its reasonable control.
  15. Unless an entrant has actively opted in to receive more information from the Promoter, any personal data provided by an entrant, including their name and any email address and postal address, will be used solely for the purposes of this promotion and will not be retained once that entrant's cinema ticket voucher(s) have been delivered. Data may be provided to a third party supplier where appropriate for the purposes of administering the promotion, and completing delivery of the cinema ticket vouchers only, and will not be disclosed to a third party for any other purpose without the individual’s prior consent. A participant can request the deletion of their personal data at any point by contacting [the Promoter at the address below] but the Promoter cannot be held responsible if such a request prevents completion of delivery of a cinema ticket voucher to that individual.
  16. The Promoter cannot be held responsible for the failure of any participating cinema or any other third party to fulfil its obligations in connection with this promotion, although the Promoter will endeavour to minimise the effect of such failure on the participants in this promotion.
  17. By taking part in this promotion all participants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these terms and conditions.
  18. This offer and these terms and conditions are governed by English Law and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising out of or in connection with this offer.

    Promoter: Mars Wrigley Confectionery UK Limited, 3D Dundee Rd, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4LG.

    ®Maltesers, Teasers, Galaxy, Minstrels, Counters, M&M'S, Mars Bites, Milky Way, Magic Stars and Revels, Snickers Bites, Twix Bites are registered trademarks of Mars.